What should I Eat? NYCYUMS bot



Title: What should I eat?

Tools: node.js, javascript, TwitterAPI, Foursquare API, JSON



C O N C E P T 


As a follow up project of my ICM final “what should I eat- SHEKIT”, I created a twitter bot called “NYCYUMS” that helps people at ITP decide what to eat after studying so hard. This bot gives you venues where you can grab something to eat in a wide range of area in New York City around ITP, so it could go up to midtown NYC.

I used Foursquare API, downloaded as a JSON file, and retrieved data of venue’s name, categories name, latitude, longitude, contact number, and checkin counts. I directly displayed venue’s name, categories name and contact number on twitter but used latitude and longitude to use in a link of google map and checkin counts to rate from star one to five, both to display on twitter.





In status, NYCYUMS bot gives you suggestions on where to eat around ITP.



If you follow NYCYUMS bot, it says “, are you hungry? 😋” with a giphy GIFS about ‘food’.



If you like a post, it says “I think this is yummy too 😋,




If you tweet to this bot, it says “, click , turn on GPS🛰 on your phone📱, then SHAKE IT to decide what to eat! 🍽️😋


I hope people find this twitter bot entertaining and useful!



E R R O R S   


** After I put this in crontab, my bot got blocked by twitter platform. It is my second trial, and it got also blocked. I tried creating new application, and it was also blocked. Below are error messages from terminal and Twitter application.


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