Computational Media

[Computational Media. 10] Final Project: SHEKIT

Title: Shekit Tool: ┬áP5.js (Javascript Library) Source: Foursquare API, GPS   For my Intro to Computational Media final

[Computational Media. 9] Music Visualizer

In this project we were asked to create a sketch using audio or video library, and I used both of them. Basically it is a sket

[Computational Media. 8] Places Around You

We were asked to create a sketch using an API. I am interested in finding places like restaurants and cafe, so I first searche

[Computational Media. 7] Fishing Game

This time I created a “Fishing Game” using p5 dom library. I created some html elements, an input box, a button, a

[Computational Media. 6] Apple Pick

‘Tis the season for apple picking! As a follow-up project of ‘Monster game’, I created another game, ‘

#5 Synthesis Workshop: Extended Monster Game (Mario) Project

We learned about how we could adapt a physical variable in Arduino to control p5 sketch as a serial port. Here is the instruct

#4 Monster Game

I wanted to create a simple interactive game with a mouse cursor. In my game the mouse cursor is Mario character, and he has t

#3 Door to the other world

1st version (Korea) First, it’s just Korea that I created. Please drag the door to the right. 2nd version (Korea+Greece)

#2 Bubble Pop

This time I created Mona Lisa and made her roll her eyes following a fly, blowing a bubblegum. The left arm moves as you click

#1 Self Portrait

After my first attempt was evaporated, again, the second attempt also evaporated, but this time, I was able to retrieve the pa