Physical Computing

Final Project “Dancing in the rain”

  Title: Dancing in the rain Tool:  Arduino, Ultrasonic sensors, Umbrella, Neopixel strip, Fiber optics, Acrylic balls M

[Physical Computing. 7] MidTerm: Monster’s Belly

Eric and I worked together for a midterm project in physical computing class. This is a final video of our work – a huma

[Physical Computing. 6] Light Drawing in Infinity Space

We were asked to mount a motor in something, and to something. I created an infinity space with acrylic mirrors and mounted tw

Fabrication. 5] Drawing in Space

This time we were asked to use two different materials. I chose to use mainly metals and woods because I knew the two would go

#5 Synthesis Workshop: Extended Monster Game (Mario) Project

We learned about how we could adapt a physical variable in Arduino to control p5 sketch as a serial port. Here is the instruct

#4 Pom pom pom pom

Merry-go round? Spinning ride? I got this concept from amusement park rides. I built a flying and spinning pom pom balls with

#3 Vending Machine Observation

    There is a vending machine that sells a variety of snacks and sweet drinks at Bobst library. Here is the process of

#3 What’s your mood?

               What is your mood now? What are you feeling? This mood teller will tell you! If you see warm color o

#2 Make a switch

I made a fabric switch with a sponge and two conductive fabrics on each side. I then covered them with pretty fabrics by using

#1 What is interaction?

Chris Crawford and Bret Victor did a great job on defining what a good interactive design is. In Chris’ term, Interactivity