Shekit? Shake it!

Title: Shekit? Shake it! Tools: Javascript, p5.js, toxiclibs.js, HTML, and CSS C O N C E P T   What should I eat? How lon

Bounce Bounce Jellabi!

Title : Bounce Bounce Jellabi! Tools : Javascript libraries p5.js / toxiclibs.js  C O N C E P T   My final project for N


Title: Tree Tools: Javascript, tone.js, pen and pencil I D E A    I have several ideas for making a score.  Drawing in

[Interactive Music. 1] Manifesto

    Ever since I was young, I have always given myself a set of rules to live. These are my core values, and they ap

[Twitter Bot. 3] Make a bot that responds

  I made a bot that responds to people (accounts) who follow, favorite, direct-message, tweet my screen name.   1. I

[Nature of Code. 3] Life and Death

  In mathematics, a rose or rhodonea curve is a sinusoid plotted in polar coordinates. I created a sketch that generates rand

[Nature of Code. 2] Black Followers

  I created a sketch of black followers that chase your mouse cursor.  Below are some screen-captured images of the sket

[Nature of Code. 1] Circular Grid

  I created a sketch of a random walk of circles that resemble bubbles. The circles create beautiful grids over time. The

[Sense me move me. 1] Pathway Study

  [Initial Plan Diagram]   [Bezier Curve Study]     [Before Diagram]   [Study before Class]   [

[Twitter Bot. 1] Make five bots with Cheap Bots Done Quick

  In the first class we learned how to create a simple twitter bot using tracery and cheapbots. Here are some examples..